Aerosol fire extinguishing systems

Aerosol extinguishing systems are fire extinguishers that we have been working with for a long time and that we have very good experiences with. It concerns a very effective and high quality fire extinguisher with a competitive price that has its origins in aerospace. In contrast to fire extinguishers based on gas it is not harmful for human health and the environment. It isn’t corrosive and does not withdraw oxygen from the air (so the engine will keep running).

Aerosol fire extinguishers are rising silently within the maritime world. Worldwide more and more notified bodies and maritime inspection services recognise the advantages of aerosol as compared to the conventional gas extinguishers. The aerosol systems that we use are not kept under pressure (‘condensed aerosol’) and ‘stand alone’ with automatic or manual activation depending on the class requirements. Furthermore it is a very effective product for at the source security (housing of generators, electricity cabinets, reading desks, pc’s, screens, dryers, and all sorts of small spaces where fires can start).

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